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Scholar's Education Trust – about our sponsors

The Scholar's Education Trust currently consists of Sir John Lawes School, an 11-18 mixed comprehensive academy in Harpenden, Herts, Samuel Ryder Academy, a 3-18 mixed comprehensive academy in St Albans, Herts, Harpenden Academy, a 4-11 mixed comprehensive academy in Harpenden, Herts and now also Robert Barclay Academy, an 11-18 mixed comprehensive academy in Hoddesdon, Herts.

Sir John Lawes School was established in 1939 and became an academy in 2011.  Samuel Ryder Academy opened in September 2012 as Hertfordshire’s first all through state school, on the site of the previous Francis Bacon School.

The Trust aims to ensure that the skills and experience of staff at all academies are maximised to enable the students in our care receive the best education possible.  Expertise in teaching and learning will be shared across the entire trust and support systems will be centralised to enable the academies to achieve maximum efficiency from all resources.

The Trust has a strong local reputation; excellent academic results; an emphasis on growth mindset and whole child ethos; core values of Achievement, Care and Excellence; and a real commitment to partnership between schools to enable progress for all. We have already benefited from their expertise in recent recruitments and we are excited about the support and challenge they will provide to catalyse our progress to become an Outstanding Academy, anchored by our ethos. 

Although all academies will retain their own identities, the central “DNA” of the Trust will be shared across the organisations so that whether you are in Harpenden, Hoddesdon or St Albans you will know you are a part of the Scholar's Education Trust and that the values and priorities of everyone you meet will be the same - to ensure our students achieve more than they ever believed possible.